Coronavirus hospitalizations hit another record as experts warn Thanksgiving gatherings could worsen the pandemic

Dr. Chris Pernell, a New Jersey physician who lost her father to Covid-19, told CNN on Thursday that she was

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大馬媳婦揭新加坡天價生產費用 一看帳單崩潰直呼:台灣健保太棒了 | Malaysian blogger explains why Taiwan health insurance better than Singapore | The China Post, Taiwan

拼圖,小潔和兩個兒子(左)、帳單。| The photo collage shows Kit and her two adorable sons(left) and the hospital bill. (Courtesy of Kit/Facebook) 【看CP學英文】台灣健保制度在全世界數一數二。當你人在國外不可避免必須看醫生,收到那驚人帳單費用後,絕對會深深感念家鄉的健保制度。近日,親子部落客小潔分享在新加坡生產的經驗,從產檢到出院,一共花了近新台幣30萬元,看到驚人的帳單才驚覺台灣健保制度的好處。 Taiwan’s

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