How are COVID-19 related deaths determined?

It’s the doctors at the hospitals who determine if a death is COVID-19 related, according to Dr. Ann Pobutsky, territorial epidemiologist.

Dr. Joleen Aguon, Guam’s COVID-19 medical director, said: “The cause of death will always be a complication of an organ system failure.”

A COVID-19 patient may suffer from cardiac arrest or their respiratory system might fail. The reason their organ systems fail can be due to a bacterial or viral infection, according to Aguon.

“There are other reasons for cause of death, such as a massive heart attack or stroke. These again are complications that SARS COV 2 can cause. This is why COVID-19 is included as a contributing factor. We cannot prove that it isn’t so to be complete, we have to include it,” Aguon said.

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