Global Warming – Fact Or Fantasy?

Whilst the warming of the oceans and indeed the earth’s surface is well documented, there’s equally compelling evidence to suggest that global warming may not be the impending disaster many forecast. The result is division among scientists who study global warming and a bewildered laity left wondering…is global warming fact or fantasy?

There are many who consider that it’s largely a fantasy perpetuated by those with commercial or political interests. There are others who’re equally convinced that it’s a fact and is a result of manmade greenhouse gases. This gives rise to the question “what are the thoughts of the vast silent majority”.

Understandably, for the most part their minds are engaged elsewhere. Wrestling with economic problems for example would take precedence over the size of their “carbon footprint”.

Presenting a balanced easy to understand argument is no easy proposition, but without such a presentation it’s going to be difficult to fully convince the majority of the importance, or otherwise, of the global warming debate.

Warming Is a Fact

So say those on one side of the global warming divide. As evidence they cite melting glaciers all over the world. They point to the rise in average temperatures as recorded by thermometers around the world in the last 150 years. In that time it seems the earth’s average temperature has risen slightly more than 1 degree Fahrenheit.

The burning of fossil fuels, such as petroleum and natural gas, emits carbon dioxide, the main pollutant that’s warming Earth. This, coupled with the fact that man’s activity in these areas has significantly increased in the last 50 years is, for them, the clincher in the argument.

This by no means represents all of their views but is merely a very brief look at the position held by the “fact” lobby.

Global Warming Is a Fantasy

This is the firmly entrenched view of those on the other side of the debate. They counter the melting glacier argument by claiming that contrary to popular belief in some places they are growing. It’s further pointed out that in the first half of the last century the recorded temperature in Iceland and Greenland was actually higher than the second half. A contention that is born out by the noticeable increase in size of many glaciers since 1970.

As for the rise in temperature, a sector of the British Met Office has reported that during the first seven years of the 21st century there was no increase at all. Interestingly enough this was not predicted by scientists, or their computer models and serves to illustrate the near impossibility of making climate change predictions.

Again this represents a very brief look at the “fantasy” argument.

What of the Future

Well, the global warming debate seems set to run and run. No doubt these concerns will be replaced in terms of importance by others, concerns relating to population growth for example or the threat of pandemic diseases.

What remains important, regardless of the concern that might be current, is the need to ensure that all people are properly informed. That way issues such as “global warming – fact or fantasy?” are more likely to be seen as an immediate issue and greater co-operation when needed is more likely to be forthcoming.

Source by Lisa Mills

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