Food gardens for urban dwellers in Vanuatu’s capital

People attending SPREP’s backyard food gardening programme
Photo: RNZ Pacific / Hilaire Bule

More than a hundred people attended a programme in Vanuatu’s capital last week to take up backyard food gardening.

The programme, by the regional environment agency SPREP, is an effort to provide more fresh food and better food security for in Port Vila .

Its coordinator, Heggar Molisa, says it’s been popular.

“You can use either vertical structure to plant or a horizontal structure. So those of us who are living in urban towns or urban areas that have limited spacing in making a garden, we can still use vegetable crops by making these two types of structures”, she said.

A child inspects tomatoes at SPREP's backyard food gardening programme.

A child inspects tomatoes at SPREP’s backyard food gardening programme.
Photo: RNZ Pacific / Hilaire Bule

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