OSCE noticed Russian superior radar station in Ukraine

Citing a report from the Group for Safety and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Mil.in.ua reported that Particular Monitoring Mission to Ukraine has noticed a Russian superior radar station in Ukraine.

A assertion from the OSCE Particular Monitoring Mission (SMM), which is charged with monitoring the implementation of the so-called Minsk II settlement, which is meant to assist deescalate the battle in Donbas, claims that the Russian Kasta-2E1 radar system has been noticed on the coaching vary close to n. Bugaivka (37 km on the southwest of Luhansk).

An SMM mini-UAV (unmanned aerial car) noticed the Russian 51U6 Kasta-2E1 radar system on 15 February, in line with a latest OSCE report.


The Kasta -2E1 (NATO: Flat Face E) is a sophisticated Russian radar system consists of 1 truck that carries the antenna and its peripheral tools, a diesel-electric energy plant mounted on one other truck and two single-axle trailers carry auxiliary tools.

In response to Ausairpower.internet, the Kasta 2E1 is the newest incarnations of the well-established Russian Flat Face and Squat Eye household of semi-mobile UHF band tactical acquisition radars.

As well as, earlier in November 2020, the OSCE SMM noticed a contemporary Russian Navodchik-2 floor drone management station for unmanned aerial autos in Ukraine.

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