An Appreciation of James C Thomson – Scottish Nature Remedy

As was with many Nature Remedy of the 18-Nineteenth centuries James C. Thomson (1887-1960) got here to nature treatment when nothing else labored. As a younger man he grew to become significantly ailing with an acute lung situation (Tuberculosis). He was given three months to dwell by the hospital and despatched dwelling to die. He went to his cousin’s farm with a number of standard pure treatment books and hoped to treatment himself. He succeeded and have become a faithful disciple of pure well being disciplines.

To increase his training in nature treatment Thomson traveled to America. Settling in Battle Creek, Michigan the place he labored for McFadden’s pure well being sanitarium the place fasting and enemas had been the primary observe. Not happy with the long run outcomes of these remedy’s he then moved on to Chicago to Henry Lindlair’s the place he discovered a complete system of pure strategies of therapy anchored by philosophy and science.

Thompson grew to become supervisor of Lindlair’s sanitarium, after which moved on to his personal observe in Missouri and eventually Florida within the USA. Then he moved again to Scotland and made a reputation for himself in Scotland. Though persecuted by the medical docs he grew to become one of many best nature treatment philosophers of the mid twentieth century. He adopted these ideas:

o Therapeutic comes from inside, not with out

o Folks heal themselves

o Homeopathic cures

o Natural cures

o Dietary changes

o Hydrotherapy

o The physique creates illness to cleanse gathered poisonous materials

o Illness isn’t in separated elements, It expresses signs within the elements

With out Thomson pure cures would have been neglected in Scotland. Because of his perseverance and profitable outcomes nature treatment continues to be a robust therapy mannequin in Scotland.

Supply by Invoice Tallmon

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