Fuel large exoplanet with weirdly lengthy orbit might bear clues about our photo voltaic system

Scientists have managed to measure each the dimensions and orbit of a gasoline large exoplanet almost 1,300 light-years away from Earth. Dubbed GOT ‘EM-1b, which stands for Large Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass, the planet is roughly 5 instances the mass of Jupiter. 

Often scientists wrestle to measure the dimensions of large gasoline planets, like Jupiter and Saturn, as a result of they’re far-off from the celebs they orbit. But, this planet confirmed up in what researchers name our “photo voltaic neighborhood” in 2010, when NASA’s Kepler house telescope first found the thing. Astronomers then seen periodic decreases within the brightness of a close-by star, referred to as Kepler-1514, which clued the researchers in to the potential for orbiting planets. 

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