Iesa and Jesus within the Pyramid

The Solar god, Mithras, was probably the most broadly worshipped deity within the Roman Empire within the first century when Christianity was first forming. Mithras was known as the Son of God, the sunshine of the world, he was a redeemer and savior and his birthday was celebrated on December twenty-fifth. He finally died and was buried in a cave and was resurrected three days later. Sound acquainted? Constantine is claimed to have transformed to Christianity however that’s pure ‘Spin’ from the editor of the Bible. He was a Mithras worshipper and they’re Heliopolitans or Luciferians identical to Hitler and his ‘torch-bearer’ crap. IESA is in Iesoos of the fish image and IXOYE in addition to many different pre-Christian issues they appropriated; which the Father of Biblical Archaeology says reveals the Bible is a ‘Phoenician literary legacy’. It isn’t the primary time you might have heard about it.

Iesa additionally might be proven in Zeus and Hijaz and even Giza or Gizeh while you perceive the aspirant ‘H’ which nonetheless permits individuals to pronounce Jesus as Hey-soos or Julio as Who-lio. The dearth of ‘J’ in most pre-Christian alphabets is vital and we are able to study rather a lot about phrases after we take out the vowels and search for doubling or reversing consonants. I feel doubling reveals a removing from the unique so we see Bible and Babel and Byblos are all from BL or Bel and Ba’al whose metropolis or ‘bek’ may be very historical certainly.’

So a Jew contains all these noble arch-tectons (see Septuagint) who constructed the Pyramid – which means all elites. And elites have been recognized to make use of their FLOCK as sword or cannon fodder. Hitler realized about this historical tradition of Wotan, Iesa, the Vaner and the Gaedhils who’re the builders of the Pyramid in pre-Hyksos time.’

“Conor Newman, an archaeology lecturer on the Nationwide College of Eire at Galway, situated the subterranean temple of Tara. Since 1992, Newman has been engaged on the Hill of Tara making ready a survey of the world for the state-funded Discovery Program. He discovered the Tara monument utilizing an underground radar machine. ‘It fills a vital place within the jigsaw as a result of it permits us to make sense of the distribution of different monuments throughout it,’ says Newman.1

The Discovery Program, arrange underneath the auspices of the Heritage Council, carried out a survey of the Hill of Tara between 1992 and 1996 when Mr. Newman was director.

When Mr. Newman moved to Galway he continued to be concerned within the venture. Utilizing refined expertise, he and his workforce of consultants mapped what was underground. Like Theseus, they search the secrets and techniques of the labyrinth-dwelling Mino-Taur, the King of Tara. The work is gradual and tedious, as a result of it has yielded such an enormous quantity of knowledge.

What they uncovered finally on the crown of the hill was an enormous, oval-shaped monument measuring about 170 meters at its widest level. Round it are 300 postholes measuring two meters extensive. Proof signifies this `Crown’ (tiara) of Tara was constructed via an unlimited effort. 300 towering oak posts as soon as surrounded the hill.

‘We expect it in all probability dates from 2500 to 2300 BC and nonetheless had an enormous bodily presence even after the posts have been taken out or rotted,’ Mr. Newman mentioned.2

That is the approximate time of Abraham, the “son of Terah” who turned the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (the three religions on the root of the holy Battle on Terror).

His “Oaks of Mamre” have been well-known and lengthy revered.3 Credible proof of them has by no means been found within the Holy Land. Nevertheless, in Eire clear proof is discovered at Tara.

Legend says Abraham’s oaks existed from the start of the world, and was inexperienced and bear leaves till his descendent Jesus died, when it and all sacred oaks have been minimize down.

Jesus (known as Pan-Tara, `god of Tara’) is understood in historical Irish historical past as Iessa, a reputation derived from I.A. or E.A. (pronounced Eye-a), the Sumerian creator god who was portrayed carrying a fish go well with. Lord Melchizedek, the Pope-king of Jerusalem (Ire-u-salem) and forerunner of Christ who initiated Abraham and his spouse, Sarah,4 is equated with E.A. The Irish known as him the solar god Fin (an Irish title for the Solar), a pun on fish. The Irish are known as the Kids of the Solar, as a result of in Egypt Ra, the Ray or the Ra-Eye is the Solar. Ra’s image is a watch. Therefore, the time period Iris or Irish.

Fin (E.A.) presided over the Tara meeting, as a Druid in unusually flowered clothes, and with a double-pointed head-dress and bearing in his hand a e-book. His two-headed miter of fishy type, his upright rod, noticed or checkered garment and basket in hand, are symbols that align him with E.A. His column (i, eye) or pillar of Tara is remembered because the Tree of Lifetime of quite a few traditions.” (2)

I wrote a e-book earlier than 1992 known as Bacon and the Bard that features an underground complicated in Tara Hill which can have been the world’s first man-made Pyramid. Are they intent on maintaining us at the hours of darkness and treating us like mushrooms for some ulterior cause? Mushrooms thrive on manure however people carry out higher when offered firsthand data somewhat than manipulative, trite and false statistics that evaluate us in opposition to others. We should authenticate authority and it should exhibit a artistic and loving objective earlier than we entitle it to steer us into the huge horizons of artistic universe which are not (and by no means have been) restricted by some Malthusian financial mannequin. Additionally they aren’t restricted by the potential to destroy us, when you think about biotechnology, nanotechnology, mind-control, robots with human and different organic parts in addition to the standard greed and energy wants of insecure deviates.

In correspondence across the center of 2005 I’ve been aware about some detailed calculations of fellow writer Gary Osborn. The gist of the matter has to do with the earth axis and King’s Chamber alignment. Gary appears to assume they thought the earth axis was stationary sooner or later and I’ll proceed to get his clarification on the difficulty. I see it as a manner they doubled the Harmonic on the predominant mode on the Earth Vitality Grid when he says the mannequin had the King’s Chamber alignment come again on the identical level when superimposed on the outside and capstone alignment. I feel the axis is totally encapsulated via its whole Wander Path or sidereal chart that takes 25,864 years to finish.

Supply by Robert Baird

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