Stephen Colbert Says Bill Barr Will Be Missed

“Trump just got friend-izona-ed.” — JAMES CORDEN

“You know what makes this move especially gangster is that he knew Trump was watching him on live TV. We’ve all had the moment where we think somebody’s ignoring our call or our text, but to actually see it — to see him look at his phone, see your name and then put it away? Ooh, that had to hurt.” — TREVOR NOAH

“You’ve gotta admit it’s a savage move — savage move from anyone who still uses custom ring tones.” — JAMES CORDEN

Rosie Perez talked about her experience contracting the coronavirus while shooting her new film, “The Flight Attendant,” in Bangkok.

Kate Winslet will talk about her new film, “Ammonite,” on Wednesday’s “The Late Show.”

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