Ringback Tones – The Latest Trend In Mobile Phone Personalization

Nowadays, it is possible for cell phone owners to customize their own handsets in a lot of different ways. Mobile phone personalization has grown into a multi-billion dollar business in the last few years. A lot of people are willing to pay for different personalization options, such as wallpapers, casings, themes and ringtones in order to make their cell phones stand out from the rest. Personalization doesn’t stop there though. Some people buy various accessories, such as mobile phone holders and charms, to complete their phone’s look.

Ringback Tones are the newest addition to the mobile phone personalization club. After choosing a Ringback Tone for your mobile, you will be capable of showing your personality to every person who calls you, before you even pick up! This is done by playing a special tone instead of the popular “Ring Ring” tone that we are all used to.

There are a wide variety of options that are available to you when setting up a Ringback Tone for your mobile. For example, there are tons of genres to choose from such as R&B, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Electronic, Country and Metal. You can also set a custom message or sound to be played for your callers, or even a line from your favorite movie or television show.

Generally, you can keep up to 100 Ringbacks per account at a time and that allows you to switch between them as many times as you want. You can also specify a special Ringback to be played for a specific contact. Hint: you can show your girlfriend or wife how romantic are you every time she calls you!

As well as setting up Ringbacks for individual callers, you can set custom Ringbacks for a group of callers or a special tone to be played on special days of the week or even at special hours of the day.

Source by Tina McArthur

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