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The Samsung Company is a Korean based company with its branches all over the world. It has customers from all over the world and its consumer goods section is doing excellent. After its involvement in the field of telecommunication it has started manufacturing cell phones setting trends. With nearly hundred models of cell phones the Samsung Company has to its credit, it is still on the way of manufacturing many more and comes out with many more.


Samsung’s new interchangeable Color-Jacket Phones are also the latest with different exciting colors. The mobile phones begin from a decent cost onwards which is very affordable by the customer. These mobile phones like the other brands comes with Chargers, In built antenna, Adaptors, Bluetooth for Handsfree communication, Batteries, Data cables Memory sim cards, and other accessories.

Models by Samsung the SCH-N500

For India Samsung has launched a new CDMA hand set SCH-N500. It is made with the aim of speedy access by the user. With an in-built antenna and PC synchronization it weighs 74grams. It has tied up with Tata Indicom and is available at a lesser cost with 2 years of free incoming mail.

Samsung Blackjack

This is another smartphone model with Bluetooth enabled, calendar, e-mail, internet browser,MP3 player, PDA-PC sync, SMS text messaging, speakerphone, 1.3MP camera 3G. This handset works on GSM carriers. Ultra lightweight it is a phone that delivers a fully loaded package.

New /Latest model

Safety has become one great concern and the Samsung has introduced three cell phones called “mobile tracker phones”. The main CH_N500features of these sets are that they allow emergency SMS, Mobile lock which locks the private information’s and mobile tracking. With this trio feature are the following models-SGH-C140, SGH-X520, and the SGH-E250. With these cell phones one can safeguard their personal security during mobility.


Almost all the models of Samsung have a few or all of the regular accessories like OEM portal Speakers, Bluetooth Gateway, Headset tie, Dash pad, Screen protectors, signal boosters, tools to choose from. Some of these accessories are compatible with the different models.

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