Dominic West calls deliveryman ‘t***’ for ‘blabbing about Lily James affair’

Dominic West allegedly called a lawnmower deliveryman a “t***” for speaking about his “affair” with Lily James.

The Wire actor, 51, has been accused of not paying the £125 delivery cost of the £3,500 Kubota GR 1600 to driver Matt Vessey.

West, who has been married to his wife Catherine Fitzgerald since 2010, was spotted kissing Lily James on a romantic break to Rome last month.

Vessey said he arrived at West’s home to see a large crowd of photographers waiting outside and asked the TV star about it.

He told the MailOnline : “I am like ‘What the hell is going on?’. He said: ‘It is a bit serious… I have had an affair.'”

Dominic West getting the lawnmower delivered to his home

The driver says he travelled 240 miles from Lincolnshire to Wiltshire to drop off the actor’s sit-on lawnmower, which he had bought on eBay for £3,650.

He claims they agreed to settle the delivery fee between themselves over WhatsApp.

Nine days later, the actor reportedly still hadn’t paid the delivery cost, despite repeated phone calls and text messages.

Dominic West was spotted kissing Lily James in Rome

“I very much doubt Dominic West is struggling for a couple of hundred quid,” Vessey said.

The website reports West gave the driver a one-star review on trade feedback website Shipley for “professionalism” in response to his claims.

West also reportedly gave a thumbs down emoji and branded Matt a “t***”.

West has been accused of not paying the driver his delivery fee

Dominic and his wife Catherine FitzGerald have been putting on a united front

Since West and Lily James were spotted kissing, he and his wife Catherine have put on a united front.

They have said they are still together and their marriage is “fine”.

Mirror Online has contacted reps for Dominic West for comment.

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