Department of Energy and Climate Change Faces Budget Reduction

Recently, there have been cuts regarding low-carbon technology in the UK, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Basically, the Carbon Trust has received funding for promoting a low-carbon economy, one that would increase the budget for green technology, gas supplies, energy, dual fuel, etc. in most cases, but it appears that there are fewer funds available than there were just a year ago. In addition, the offshore wind capital grants will also be decreased, which in the long run will save government money.

By cutting the low-carbon technology from the central government, by utilizing this technology, nearly 2.9 pounds sterling can be saved. After the final funding measured to support bio-energy has been calculated, roughly 4.7 pounds will saved. Moreover, the Energy Saving Trust also will close a bit early, according to the department. All of these cutbacks are essential to the budget, but it is unfortunate the cuts will directly affect the environment.

Unfortunately, government is cutting its resources for green industries and jobs when they are needed most. There is no immediate plan for economic growth-just more cuts. Perhaps it is time for a green energy revolution, but vital support is being robbed of the people and their resources, which are all suffering. Oddly enough, more stringent Carbon emission protocols are in place, but it is becoming more difficult to achieve these marks.

Spokesman, John Sauven, explains that there is now an opportunity to grasp the future industries, with regard to green gas supplies, renewable energies, etc., but it is essential that the government step on-board. Otherwise, this sensitive timeframe will slip away, creating a more difficult time for drastic transitioning into a green world in the future. All of the renewable resources, namely hydro and wind, have dropped dramatically this year, yet promises discussing ways in which to end the use of fossil fuels and other emissions have increased.

All of these decisions to cut funding for green technologies promise to have negative results, and similar technologies will confront criticism against sectors that have been encumbered with immense capital costs; this urgent front has been dismissed by government. Although some cuts were mandatory, most government officials agree that there is a strong economical foundation for investing in renewable technology at whatever cost. So the government will be faced with a number of important decisions, but the reduction plan needs to allow for some kind of allowance that can be delivered into renewable energies.

Source by Marcus Gallon

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