Grow your network by organizing your business cards

Do you give out and collect business cards at networking events or when you are introduced to a new friend? What do you usually do with these cards?

While giving out and collecting business cards are the fastest way to establish contact, how do we actually put these name cards into use? Here are some tips:-

  • Store the business cards in alphabetical order for easy reference.
  • Write notes at the back of the card to help you remember important points such as date you receive the card, how do your new friend looks like, what do you plan to do with this contact, his hobby and his family history (if interesting).
  • Collect several cards from each contact to make referrals later. Eventually, your new friend becomes your good friend.
  • If you prefer to do manual records, you can consider sliding an empty card behind each business card to record your contact history with that person (when you called, did you make referrals, when was the last time you met them etc.).

Looking at how useful business cards are, it is important for us to store the business cards systematically into cardholders. If you are hardworking, categorize the business cards into:-
– prospective clients
– those whom you want to build relationship and maintain contact with, and
– others (for reference only)

This way, you can quickly start approaching the prospective clients, plan what you want to do with the second group and dispose the third group when you card holder is full. However, think twice before you dispose the cards. Safest thing to do is to get a cardholder that holds a large number of cards in alphabetical order. Just divide each alphabet into 3 sections.

The secret to organizing your business cards is to be consistent and to make sure it is updated all the time in order to keep the information at your fingertips. Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find your business growing and networking is a piece of cake!

If you do not have business cards yet, we suggest you get at least a box of it today. You can use it when running your own business or simply to keep connected with friends and family. We recommend you take a look at Vistaprint, which offers free business cards worth $250. However, you’ll need to pay the shipping cost. Still, its a deal! You’ll get professional quality printing and 30 design choices.

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