Global Warming – What is Your Opinion?

There appears to be quite a bit of debate about the phenomenon known as ‘global warming’. Does it exist or does it not exist?

As in many great debates there appears to be multiple opinions about the issue. A few years ago, Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize for his work (film) on global warming. Yet, many scientists have come out to say there is no evidence of global warming. In fact, the prestigious NASA, with its vast array of intellectual capital and high caliber scientists seems to be saying there is no evidence of it.

Then the scandal broke. A flurry of emails were ‘stolen’ and made public. The emails seemed to indicate that someone or some group of people is trying very hard to make a real scientific case for global warming. The emails seemed to show that they were overreaching the normal parameters of real science to come to their ‘conclusion’ and convince others too.

Some people today are too young to remember, including myself, but it has been said that thirty years ago, we were being told that we were headed for an ice age. Now, suddenly we have been alerted that the polar caps are melting, that sea levels will rise and that there will be resultant disaster – unless we spend a lot of money to fix the problem now.

Those watching the debate say that ‘fixing’ the problem means sending an awful lot of money to third world countries. Meanwhile, some of the bigger industrialized countries talk about curbing their emissions, but do not actually appear to be willing to do so. Seems that those countries are not fully convinced that global warming exists or is a problem. If they were convinced, would they not get busy solving the problem?

There appears to be doubt. For the proponents of the global warming phenomenon, it does appear that providing some very definitive proof would benefit them in getting these ‘hold out’ nations to take action.

I am not taking sides within this article. However, I know that there are many people who are very passionate about their position on global warming. You tell me. Is global warming a real phenomenon or not? Why do you think that it is or is not?

Source by David Snape

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