What to anticipate from the reducing fringe of science and tech in 2020

From anti-ageing medicine to self-driving vehicles and long-lost human ancestors, New Scientist consultants reveal what the largest science tales might be in 2020


18 December 2019

NASA/GSFC/Reto Stöckli, Nazmi El Saleous, and Marit Jentoft-Nilsen

Our distant kin

Alison George

This time subsequent 12 months, our understanding of our origins may have been reworked.

Molecules within the fossils of our ancestors are more and more opening a brand new window on the evolution of the primary hominids. Lately, the boundaries of this strategy have been pushed additional, with evaluation of dental enamel proteins from a 2-million-year-old fossil of the extinct large ape Gigantopithecus. And DNA as outdated as 400,000 years has been recovered from hominin ancestors of Neanderthals. So the power to establish even older skeletal stays seems to be promising. …

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