Fossils of the earliest animals seen exterior China for the primary time

How did animal life start? A must-see exhibition in Oxford brings collectively the world’s finest fossils from the Cambrian explosion to inform the story


14 August 2019

Early worm: Cricocosmia jinningensis had a spiny proboscis and an extended trunk

Oxford College Museum of Pure Historical past



First Animals

Oxford College Museum of Pure Historical past

Till 24 February 2020

IT CAME to be often called Darwin’s dilemma: why did animal life seem abruptly within the fossil file 542 million years in the past, having left no hint in earlier rocks? In his e book On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin admitted: “I can provide no passable reply.” The origin of animals was duly elevated to one of many nice mysteries of evolution.

Up to now few many years, the thriller has …

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