Earth’s helium is working out and it has dire penalties for science

No laughing matter | Helium’s important for occasion balloons, but in addition for MRI scanners, physics experiments and area rockets. However provides on Earth are getting dangerously low, warns Chanda Prescod-Weinstein


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10 July 2019

WHEN I used to be 4, my favorite guide was Balloonia by Audrey Wooden. It tells the story of somewhat lady who realises that balloons have an afterlife once they float away. Wielding a pointy pin, she takes a balloon hostage, demanding that it take her to Balloonia. There, she experiences a world the place the whole lot is product of balloons, together with the animals and the panorama they populate.

It’s a fantastic story. It’s only later in life that I’ve come to fret it may be predicated on the continued availability of the second most ample ingredient in …

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