Need to cease local weather change? Jared Diamond says nations want remedy

In his new ebook Upheaval, polymath Jared Diamond says nations want a particular form of remedy to unravel massive issues like local weather change, Brexit and nuclear proliferation


5 June 2019

In relation to fixing international issues, polymath Jared Diamond prefers onerous speak to excessive tech

Leo-Paul Ridet/Contour by Getty Photos

JARED DIAMOND is a professor of geography on the College of California, Los Angeles. He began out working in electrophysiology and have become a professor of physiology at UCLA medical college in 1968. After growing a second profession in ornithology and ecology, he then moved on to environmental historical past within the Nineteen Eighties.

His bestselling books Weapons, Germs, and Metal (for which he gained the Pulitzer prize) and Collapse are works of comparative historical past, learning societies aspect by aspect “as a result of …

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