How Earth’s altering ecosystems could have pushed human evolution

Essentially the most detailed ever have a look at Earth’s prehistoric local weather suggests many habitats modified up to now 800,000 years – and this can be why we developed massive brains


6 February 2019

East Africa’s unstable ecosystems could have pushed human evolution

Ralph Lee Hopkins/nationwide geographic picture assortment

FOR the primary time, we have now had an in depth have a look at how our local weather has modified all through prehistory, because of a surprisingly detailed pc mannequin. And it may make clear how ecosystem modifications formed our evolution and intelligence.

Because of ice cores and different pure information, we already knew that, for the previous 2.5 million years, Earth has been in an ice age, with everlasting ice at each poles. The extent of this ice has usually waxed and waned throughout this time, and we …

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