From the archives: Does dowsing actually show you how to discover water?

The traditional observe of water divining continues to be used the world over to find water sources. Forty years in the past, we puzzled whether or not it would truly work


30 January 2019

Barry Lewis / Alamy Inventory Photograph

“DOWSING achieves new credence” ran a headline within the 8 February 1979 version of New Scientist. The artwork of dowsing, or water divining, dates from at the very least the sixteenth century. It includes holding a forked twig, historically of hazel, and strolling up and down till the twig dips sharply within the arms. This solely occurs, it’s mentioned, when areas wealthy in minerals or with fast-flowing water lie simply beneath the floor.

New Scientist Default Image

Our article reported outcomes from two Soviet geologists who discovered dowsing “extraordinarily helpful in pinpointing a number of steel ore deposits”. It went on …

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